Amazing customer service!

Cedric B

Convenient!! Cute little store with the necessities. Friendly service.

Emily W

We love this little grocery store downtown it is perfect for a city!

Caroline C

As a downtown resident who lives a block away, it's my favorite place to pick up kibble for myself. Warm and wonderful staff, clean interior, surprising amount of stock for the sq footage.

Shane S

Friendly and cute little shop. As someone who lives downtown, this store is a welcome addition that has lots of basics and then some

Scarlet S

Perfect little shop downtown with a nice selection of necessities. Very friendly and clean. A pleasant addition to downtown for sure.

Colby H

Love this little store. Very convenient for those of us who live downtown. Staff is very friendly.

Alma C

This little gem is a definite welcome to the downtown area. It's a market, not a SUPERmarket, but management has stocked a very large variety of items in a very small store. Reasonably priced. Staff has been helpful and courteous. Thanks lil market for your service to our community.

Charles N